Tuesday, 9 January 2018

British Life Photography Awards 2017

Last night I attend the British Life Photography Awards, at the Royal Albert Hall in London.  It was the preview evening of the exhibition that runs for the month of January, then goes on tour around the Country.

My Love is...never having to put down your phone was commended in the Street Life category and also appears in the accompanying book.


All the winners and their images can be seen on the BLPA website.

The dates and times for the Royal Albert Hall are a bit strange but I guess this is to fit in with major events happening in the hall.

The exhibition will be on display in the Royal Albert Hall’s Amphi Corridor, and can be viewed when attending a performance here between Friday 5 January and Monday 5 February, or on the following free open days:
Friday 5 January 2018: 9am – 5pm
Saturday 6 January 2018: 10am – 1pm
Sunday 7 January 2018: 10am – 1pm
Saturday 13 January 2018: 10am – 1pm
Sunday 14 January 2018: 10am – 1pm
Saturday 20 January 2018: 10am – 1pm
Sunday 21 January 2018: 10am – 1pm
Saturday 27 January 2018: 10am – 1pm
Sunday 28 January 2018: 10am – 1pm
Monday 5 February 2018: 9am – 5pm

(These times could be subject to change so please check first with the Royal Albert Hall website).

The exhibition will be on tour at these venues

  • Redbrick Building, Glastonbury, Somerset. 12th February to 25th March 2018
  • Kirkleatham Museum, Redcar,Yorkshire. Early April to early June. 2018. (Dates to be confirmed)
  • The Auction Centre, Leyburn, North Yorkshire. 28th July to 9th September. 2018
  • Gracefield Arts Centre, Dumfries. 13th October to 17th November. 2018

Oh yeah, my image :-)

Love is...never having to put down your phone

Thursday, 28 December 2017

Instagram and my best nine of 2017

All my images are posted to Instagram and around this time of year there is an 2017bestnine hashtag that starts to appear.

 So I thought I'd take a look and see what the likes on Instagram picked as my best nine.

 Below is the result.

Instagram best nine 

This is quite different to what I consider to be my best nine of 2017

Click through to larger images

Saturday, 23 December 2017

A small project I did over the Summer.

36 views of the Shard

Friday, 22 December 2017

British life photography awards - highly commended

The British Life Photography Awards were announced last week and although I didn't win in any of the categories, I did have a photograph placed as highly commended.

This means the image will be part of the exhibition at the Royal Albert Hall for a month starting in January and will be in the accompanying 2017 winners book.

This is the second time I have had a photograph commended by the BLPA.

Love is...never having to put down your phone

Friday, 3 November 2017

What I did on a day off

Yesterday I popped into Central London to pick up some film, for my OM10 and look for a roll of 120 for an old camera I found.

The film was bought at The Photographers Gallery; which has Wim Wenders, Instant Stories on at the moment a collect of 200 Polaroids.  I didn't fancy looking at that many small images but its on until February so plenty of chances to see it.

As usually I had my RX100m2 with me but I couldn't really see anything worthwhile shooting, this tends to happen to me when I haven't been out shooting for a while.

Crossing over to the Southbank didn't improve things, as the undercoft was devoid of any skateboarders (not surprising on a weekday).

Next stop was the Tate Modern, the Turbine Hall is filled with lots of three seated swings and lent itself to some images of adults on swings.

1-2-3 Swing!

Not having really having explored the Tate since the Summer of last year, I had a wander around to see if there was anything of interest to me.

The first thing was a giant print by Daido Moriyama called Memory 2012

Memory 2012

Nowadays we all seem to worry about super sharp images without any noise or grain in them, this image goes to to show the great images don't have to be all about sharpness.

Next up was Stephen Shore's American Surfaces, this is a collect of 72 prints form Shore's road trip across America in 1972., the idea was to explore the country as an everyday tourist.  All the images were shoot on a Rollei 35 and Shore shot hundreds of rolls of film, which were then developed and processed in Kodak labs across New Jersey.

Shore's work shows us the a snapshot of life in America in the early 70s, the mundane, the ordinary, the everyday life of motel rooms, grotty lavatories, food on tables, odd people and shop fronts.  This series by Shore helps to elevate colour photography to a  fine art level, which had up until then the preserve of black & white photography.

Stephen Shore's American Surfaces

One thing I didn't know when I saw these images in their frames and matted in the Tate; that when Shore first exhibited them, he wanted people to know that they were snapshots and they were just stuck to the wall, so that people could see that they were Kodak snaps and he felt it made they a cultural object.