Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Art of the brick

Art of the brick are DC Comic book Superheroes and Villains sculptures make from Lego.

There are over 120 artworks, with some standing 2ft high, others larger than life, all made from over 2 million Lego bricks.

 The exhibition is housed in a tent at the back of the Southbank in London.

Friday, 14 April 2017

"Are you a professional photographer?"

The Shard

"Are you a professional photographer?"

I was asked this yesterday whilst taking the above image, by a workman/security.  My reply was does it matter, he then proceeded to tell me that I couldn't take pictures there, had to explain that, one I was taking a picture of the Shard and two I was on a public road and had a right to take pictures there.

I did ask him, if being a professional would make any difference and he mumbled something I didn't hear.  He then disappeared to the back of the yard, and reappeared along with a friend who asked the same question, to which I gave the same answer.

I did hear mention of Police; but not to me, so I hung around for an extra 10 minutes but either the Police were to busy or it was just a bluff to frighten me away.

Moral of the story, know your rights, stand your ground because photography isn't illegal (yet!).